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Cedar - Cougar newest Zoo Sanctuary baby
Our newest Zoo Sanctuary baby found her way to us after being confiscated by officers from the CA Department of Fish and Game. While the details are limited, we do know that she was being illegally kept by someone in the Santa Cruz mountains. ...more details
posted 5/27/2011 by Admin  |  901 views
March of Dimes Walk 2011
When you walk in March for Babies, you give hope to the more than half a million babies born too soon each year. The money you raise supports programs in your community that help ...more details
posted 5/27/2011 by Admin  |  913 views
Mother of the Year
Thought you might enjoy this!! In a zoo in California, a mother tiger gave birth to a rare set of triplet tiger cubs. Unfortunately, due to complications in the pregnancy, the cubs were born prematurely and due to their tiny size, they died shortly after birth. ...more details
Welcome to your new mom.
posted 6/21/2006 by Bonnie  |  1463 views
Religion of Peace Demonstration
These are actual photos of Muslims who marched in the streets of London during their recent Religion of Peace Demonstration. These photos have never been shown in any American ...more details
911 Euro
posted 5/17/2006 by dustylindy  |  1254 views
Welcome Home Michael!
WE are so happy you are home safe.
Welcome Home!
posted 1/28/2006 by Admin  |  1325 views
Gabrielle Jenae Wood
...more details
Gabrielle Jenae Wood , how beautiful!
posted 1/27/2006 by Ryan  |  1263 views
Twin Lake Food Bank Fundraiser
Everyone had a wonderful time at the dinner.
posted 11/6/2005 by Admin  |  1250 views
Twin Lakes Food Bank
Making friends and helping the community too!
posted 11/6/2005 by Admin  |  1198 views
Twin Lakes Food Bank Dinner
Everyone had a wonderful time at the dinner.
posted 11/6/2005 by Admin  |  1223 views
Girl Scouts making Folsom a better place to live!
Girl Scouts getting to know each other better while helping the community.
Helping the Twin Lakes Food Bank!
posted 11/5/2005 by Admin  |  1574 views
Ryan Damico Baby Photos
Ryan (Michael Keith)Damico
Oct 28th 2005
20.5 in
8lbs 15oz
Ryan's 1st Photo
posted 10/29/2005 by Admin  |  1302 views
Ryan Michael Keith Damico
Ryan Michal Keith Damico born October 28th, 2005.
Ryan minutes old.
posted 10/28/2005 by Admin  |  1317 views
HIstoric Folsom Grand Opening #2
More Fun Pictures of the Grand opening celebration of the Light Rail now to Folsom Historic District.
Light Rail Conductor
posted 10/15/2005 by Admin  |  1340 views
Historic Folsom Light Rail Station Grand Opening
In October, more than years after rail service ended, the Sacramento Regional Transit is bringing trains back to the city of Folsom. Enjoy these historical pictures from the ...more details
Grand Opening
posted 10/15/2005 by Admin  |  1398 views
Local girls perform their Irish dance steps
Farrell School of Irish dancers, classes taught in Folsom. www.goldcountryceltic.com
Local girls perform their Irish dance steps
posted 8/4/2005 by Laura  |  1650 views
Bonnie Merrick's granddaughter
Olivia Merrick
posted 5/31/2005 by Admin  |  1368 views


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