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Community Web of Support (1 Reply) (brandy bianchini 9/3/2010 8:10:05 PM)

Promotions for the Farms during Fall Harvests.

Our Concept and Plan is called: “Pumpkin's for All “( Donating to families without pumpkins).

Farm Donates Pumpkins as many as they like, and Businesses Donate what products to accompany this initiative, like discount coupons for costumes, and accessories for their kids this Halloween, costumes are costly, and we all know how time is precious not all of us have time to make by hand a unique costume to meet those precious needs .. So if you are not able to donate coupons, a cash donation is welcome..

We have a channel that will be ran weekly to show how to carve, cook, clean and use the
pumpkin to the fullest, so that nothing is wasted.. Down to the wimpy shell and making it to mulch.. for the yard.

I will print up hand outs to the ones who want it. I hope to account for all the pumpkins we get and where they go .. we could interview the family's that come and take one home to see what they are going to do with it and tell a story how it makes them feel, reminds them of, their favorite things to do with the pumpkins, and recipes etc.. We will post this online..

We do have much to be thankful for, and a healthy harvest is one huge reason to be thankful.. I hope to help support the farm and the families you would be helping to make a happy moment for this fall.

1). A free pumpkin to a family in need.
We will educate and provide help in carving and cooking preparations..

2). A coupon to other families who may want more then one, due to multiple children multifamily house hold.

Our hopes is you will make a coupon affordable to the needs of the families hit by this economic strife.

Carving tools may be purchased retail stores or maybe at the patch, but on the side but we can teach how to use simple knife and tooth picks and wax paper to sketch a design..

Instructions with the pumpkin sale once it's been accounted for.

If they are on WIC or EBT they can show their card and get a Pumpkin.. you may keep track of it..at the till when sold..

Or we can set a booth up..special for the promotions.. and I will place a team out there to help sales open till 4pm on the weekends.. and one wens or Thursday during the week.. to help with staffing we can provide volunteers.. and media coverage while we are there..

You may donate as many pumpkins as you like we will distribute them. to the schools, churches or shelters that request them..

Are you planning to do this in 2011. I would like to learn more. We are doing work at Theodore Judah School and this might work in well with what we are doing next fall. (Admin 4/15/2011 7:37:38 AM) Reply


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